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San Ramon, CA [USA] close

Dominic Agatep, better known as “Dom_Brady” and “ill-prŌduct”, is a music producer originally hailing from Hayward, CA, and currently residing in San Ramon, CA. He began his musical journey back in 1997, when he joined a hip hop band called Urban Icons. However, he took a long hiatus from music […]

Michael Kay Media

Eugene, OR [USA] close

Michael ‘Kay’ Klindt, known by his stage name Michael Kay, is an American hip-hop artist, record label founder, and education-based non-profit creator hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Klindt’s passion for music began in 1991 when he performed at a talent show for the first time. In 1992, Klindt recorded his […]

PStatus Beats

Mesa, AZ [USA] close

Meet PStatus, a music producer and  engineer originally from Los Angeles, California. PStatus stumbled upon computer-based audio recording in 2000 on a Gateway computer and began producing beats as a hobby for friends in his neighborhood. Fast forward to 2005, after moving to Mesa, Arizona, PStatus started taking music more […]

Bo Latham

Los Angeles, CA [USA] close

A certified trailblazer, Bo Latham first encountered the spotlight touring the U.S. with his deep-south-rooted collective of artists, producers, and promoters – “The Bad Crowd.” His strict independent approach to the music business has presented him the opportunity to develop hundreds of fellow artists while expanding his creative arsenal as […]


Boston, MA [USA] close

  Born and raised right outside of Boston Massachusetts, artist LuvAndreas, fuses rap and pop music with a punk-like voice creating authentic, bouncy, and rhythmic crafted music that always comes from raw, unfiltered, and present emotions. When he’s not writing songs, you can find him producing beats or engineering/collaborating with […]


Bronx,NY [USA] close

The Bronx native of Dominican descent with the moniker “BLVD” was introduced to his love of music through the early sounds of Merengue during his first steps as a child.  He owes this introduction to music for bringing this early gift to him that would later become his passion.  That […]

Silverback On The Track

Los Angeles, CA [USA] close

Meet Silverback, a respected music producer, and audio engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Silverback’s passion for music began at a young age, and he pursued a degree in audio engineering to further hone his skills. After graduation, and the military, he founded his recording studio, […]


Santa Clarita, CA [USA] close

Josh Cadena is a multi-talented music producer, videographer and photographer, born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. As a teenager, he developed a passion for both skateboarding and music culture, which would ultimately shape his future endeavors. After dropping out of high school, Josh earned his GED in 2003 and […]

Destany Silverback

Los Angeles, CA [USA] close

Meet Destany Silverback, a seasoned entertainment business professional completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Business. Within her years of experience in the industry, Dustany has gained extensive knowledge in scaling entertainment businesses and achieving sustainable growth. Destany’s expertise in curating organically grown audiences has helped numerous clients reach their target […]


Auckland, New Zealand close

Meet Alex “Axel” Wright, a rising star in the music industry. Axel began producing music at 14 years old, and in just a few short years, he had made quite the name for himself. Axel spent his early days experimenting with music, trying out all kinds of sounds and genres. […]


Zurich, Switzerland close

Yannick ‘Flaevrd’ Dreher is a highly talented music producer and sample maker based in Switzerland. Although he only started producing music in 2020, his passion for music dates back to his childhood, where he was heavily influenced by music icons such as Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. He was […]

Diam Stark

Queens, NY [USA] close

Hi, I’m Diam Stark and I am an artist based in New York City. I am a part of a creative collective known as EVO. I’ve been making music since 2015 and currently make beats, samples, and songwrite.


Chicago, IL [USA] close

trbwlkr is a digital nomad warrior (and rapper/producer/engineer) born and raised in Chicago. With recording studio internships under his belt, thousands of hours in sound design, mixing, & production, and 22 years of rapping – his style has been fortified and made ready for the immense goal in front of […]


Lakewood, Ohio [USA] close

Devon Wenger, also known as Yung MIDI, is a talented musical artist, producer, and sound engineer hailing from Lakewood, Ohio. With his keen ear for sound and passion for music, Yung MIDI has established himself as a rising star in the industry. He is a proud member of the Squad […]

Dead Guy

Niles, IL [USA] close

Jurgen Roman is a 31-year-old chef and music producer known as Dead Guy. With a lifelong passion for working in kitchens, Jurgens has honed his skills as a chef over the years. Alongside his culinary career, Jurgen is also an accomplished music producer, specializing in trap, hip hop, and R&B […]


Lithuania, Europe close

My name is Dmitry, the founder of FENIXPROD (a.k.a Phoenix Production).   Some facts about my journey. I’m also known as Phoenix, the Lithuania record producer, beatmaker, and MC. Since 2006 I’m fortuned to produce for many Lithuanian artists in different genres. Some of the Projects got Nominated for “Best […]


Santa Rosa, CA [USA] close

Tommy was born and raised in the bustling eastside of Seattle, Washington in 1997, where he was brought up by a family that loved punk rock. At the age of 14, inspired by bands such as Green Day and Linkin Park, he picked up a guitar and began to hone […]


Toronto, Canada close

Yanchan is a Canadian-Tamil producer, mixing engineer, singer and South Indian hand drummer (Mridangam) from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. As a producer and artist his unique sounds that express his Scarborough upbringing with Tamil foundations has been evident in his consistent release of solo and collaborative projects that have garnered over […]


Florida, US [USA] close

In Hip-Hop lore, the Bronx remains vaunted for well-informed practitioners and observers, given the fact it is indeed the birthplace of the globally influential culture. Audio auteur SHARP. is part of a storied legacy of producers who hail from the proud New York City borough, continuing the tradition by both […]

B Strizzz

Indiana, US [USA] close

B Strizzz, an American singer/songwriter, began his journey as an artist at a young age. He was inspired by his love for poetry in middle school and started writing his own verses. As he grew up, his passion for music grew with him and he started exploring different genres and […]


Queens, NY/ Gardena, CA [USA] close

RIZR’s musical journey began in Queens, New York city in 2005 with just his computer and FL studio. Throughout the years his career path evolved from making beats in his bedroom, to performing at venues all along the east coast, to working at some of the top studios in New […]

SOK Beats

CHronicles of SOK